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Honeywell eVance


Executing a building fire safety inspection is generally a two person job. One person remains by the fire panel while the other moves between sensors and alarms to activate their communication with the panel. Honeywell wanted to offer a one person solution. With the eVance app.: the fire 'points' communicate with the fire panel wich in turn communicates back to the app. This removes the need for a second person.

The eVance app. also needed to support a wide range of functions including: test results, sensor manufacturing information, notes, pictures and document creation.

Pass / fail

The primary function of the eVance application is the result of tested 'points'. The app. is designed to be used on an iPhone 5 with a bar code scanner as part of its case.

The input of the tests are designed to be done as quickly and accurately as possible. The buttons are large and round to provide optimal touch targets. Large amounts of padding is placed between the targets to minimaize misclicks. And selected inputs are bright solid colors to confirm the input is correct.

Hierarchical system

A strong hierarchical system is used to accommodate the variation of states and lists that are needed within the app. The system supports the title bar, tool bar, section dividers, content, and navigation bar.

Each of these elements were designed to work well with and without the other And without dependancies.

Label / Data Relationship

The eVance app. relies heavily on list data, making the label/data relationship important.

In general the label and its coorisponding data read from left to right for natural reading. The blue color data is used to convey that the is editable.

For data which identifies a 'point' or is recongnizable through context (e.g. the panel point), the text is larger and the label text becomes secondary.

Service Manager

Honeywell's Service Manager is a desktop application and a companion application to eVance. Its function is to manage employees in the field. Function and layout were very different from the eVance Inspection Manager mobile app. but through color and style the applications feel like the same family of applications.

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